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Our Apps


I’m Home!

Make it the last time you forget to let someone know when you’ve made it home safe or arrived to your destination! Soon as you arrive, I’m Home! autotexter has your text message ready to click Send!

Pizza Pro

The one and only real random pizza generator. Pizza Pro can also easily find and call pizza places near you. With 33 toppings, the combinations are unlimited.
FREE for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Happy Dog!

Here to help keep your doggy happy! Happy Dog has audio tracks specially recorded for dogs which has a variety of positive effects. Think of it as a laugh track just for dogs!

Latest News

Taking you through the beginning of a start-up.

Clicks and Swipes

Now available - Clicks and Swipes on iOS and Android! Download today, it's free and most importantly really fun!

Game: Apple approved!

Coming soon - Clicks and Swipes on the iPhone and iPad! We're really excited to finally release our first mobile game!

iOS + problems? No way.

The new iOS 9 release has created problems with the in-app purchasing for iOS. The development on iOS continues…but it’s almost done!

Soft Launch!

We have soft launched Clicks and Swipes on the Google Play Store! Check it out early if you have an Android!

Alpha Testing

Alpha testing for android begins. Send us an email and we’ll add you for testing!


Jon starts to implement the analytics for Android version.


Scripts for the in game dialogue boxes are finalized and implemented

Error, error.

Some minor testing errors are being corrected, for example a mysterious line on the screen? Again, no match for Jon! The work continues…

In-app purchasing

The work continues. The in-app purchasing is having problems reflecting in the game, but that’s no match for Jon!

In-app purchasing

In app purchasing is being implemented for Android, and Jon is also working on getting the ads up and running.


Jon starts to implement the leaderboard for Android. You will be able to compete against others worldwide for the top score!

iOS 9 and Xcode

Development continues! The update to iOS 9 and XCode presented problems with the initial code and it’s being worked through.

IDGA Ottawa

Today at the International Game Developers Association meeting, Jean-Sylvain Sormany from Snowed In Studios gave a 5th anniversary presentation. It was a very thorough glance into what it takes to take a studio from idea to success. There were some good insights into getting those pivotal first contracts established.

OPMA meeting

Today at the Ottawa Product Management Association meeting, Pete Hanushewsky, Vice President Business Development & Marketing at SMITH gave a fascinating and relevant presentation on Channels, Partnerships and Support Systems. There are too many great takeaways to mention but here's one we like about building business partnerships: seek compatibility in values.

Meet the team!

We caught up with Jonathan Stanford and André Vaillant to see the latest progress on our first mobile game! Want to be a tester? Let us know using the contact form below.

IGDA Ottawa Panel

An objective look at the state of Canada's gaming industry from some of the leading mobile and AAA studios. It was a great insight into how the freemium model may be on the way out, with premium gaining significant traction. Are people willing to pay for quality mobile games?

I’m Home! autotexter

Now available in the App Store! Check it out and make it the last time you forget to let your friends or family members know when you've arrived to your destination!

Game update

Today we checked out the progress on our next mobile game and it’s looking great!! The main graphics have been completed and the first demo plays very nicely. Next up is adding levels and building the user interface. Can’t wait to let you play - it won’t be long!

The Oculus Rift!

This is really great, you've got to try the Oculus Rift! Jon has a booth setup in Carlingwood mall where you can try out the game demo he's created for his company G.H.O.S.T. Check it out

Jon & André intro

A new game begins. Jonathan Stanford and André Vaillant will be collaborating on a fresh project with us. The prototype is lots of fun to play! We’re looking at a mid-summer release. Can’t wait to show you.

Managing Innovation

At this month's Tech Tuesday, Dr. Sorin Cohn from BD Cohnsulting presented an amazingly detailed insight into the myths of business innovation. This presentation has Groovefuse saying innovation management is the next big thing.

Happy Dog release

Happy Dog has arrived! Using techniques proven by dog behaviourist, keep your doggies happy by playing calming and playful sounds for them! Believe it or not, dogs actually laugh. Check it out

OPMA meeting

The OPMA hosted their monthly event at BitHeads. Rob Woodbridge from Untethered.tv gave one of the most profound presentations on the mobile landscape we've heard. We look forward to working with lots of great people!

Coming soon!

Our new app 'I'm Home! autotexter' is in the final stages of development! Have you ever forgotten to let people know you have arrived somewhere? No problem now, as this app is ready to send your text as soon as you arrive!

Tech Tuesday

Tonight we spoke to the group of volunteers regarding the collaboration tool mockup which we created and have been showing it around town. Invest Ottawa are set to be the main facilitators for this. Looking good!

New apps almost ready!

We have been working on a few new apps soon to be released on iOS. Happy Dog is a simple app that keeps your doggy happy. Stay tuned to find out how! Another app which will soon be released is called I'm Home! Can't wait to tell you more!

Kyle & Mike moving up.

Our developers Mike and Kyle have recently been hired on full time by a local simulation company. They're hands and minds will certainly be full, and we wish them all the best. Both were graduates of the Game Development program at Algonquin College. Speaking of that, interviews are underway!

The quest for funding

ITO 2.0 helped us look into various options to help obtain funding for our developers building Speed Swipe. Unfortunately there were only options for startups who can match contributions. Looking forward to more exciting funding options available to Canadian startups in the future.

Tech Tuesday

Bill Currie from Deloitte presented their Future of Canada Productivity report, followed by a continued discussion from October. We're lending our help in creating a collaborative crowdsourcing tool for tech companies in Canada!

LW Connect

Code Cubitt of Mistral Venture Partners talked about the first real VC firm in Ottawa within the last decade. The Q&A period led to a great conversation about the difference between Canadian and American startups.

Tech Tuesday

We attended Terry Matthew's Tech Tuesday networking event at the Marshes Golf Club. We met a lot of interesting people and heard some great conversations about the future of technology in Canada.

Progress Update

We grabbed breakfast and Kyle brought a first look at the game. Next up is a fully functioning level and art assets for the different worlds. Learned about some funding options for our devs - such as the Youth Employment Fund

Off to Toronto!

We headed to Toronto for a meeting with Fuse Powered, who we met at OIGC. It was an exciting trip where we discussed ideas and using Fuseboxx - a fantastic analytical tool which will be implemented into Pizza Pro soon!

Meeting Kyle

All revved up and ready to go, Kyle Gardner, a very talented programmer and recent grad of Algonquin College's Game Development program, takes the helm on Speed Swipe. Do all game devs smile the same?

Updates @ the cafe

One of our first progress meetups with the team. Topics of discussion were around using marmalade and box2d for Speed Swipe. It was determined box2d was the best game engine to go with for the mechanics needed.

Our OIGC experience

We had a great time at the Ottawa Game Conference last weekend! We met a lot of inspiring and creative people. Played some awesome games from indie developers, and listened to many amazing people speak. Industry experts also gave us lots of useful advice. More to come soon!

DPI Conference 2013

Wow, what a thrill to meet the Woz, not to mention his business card is the coolest! This year's DPI conference began celebrating it's 50th anniversary with Steve Wozniak's keynote 'Use of Imagination in Building an Iconic Company'.

Meeting the Team

A new game has begun! After very much brainstorming on game ideas, Groovefuse has started the process of developing it's very first game, starting with the iOS platform for iPhone and iPad! Today the team met for the first time at the Hub Ottawa. Jeremy - Founder, Doug - Director of Business, Caitlin - Coding, and Mike - Game Designer. Pictures coming soon!

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